May 24, 2024

Meta has launched Code Llama, a big language mannequin (LLM) variant of Llama 2 particularly designed for programmers.

Meta has been taking a really completely different strategy to AI and LLMs than its Massive Tech rivals, making its fashions out there totally free and open-sourcing them. The corporate is constant that monitor document with Code Llama, making it out there free for each analysis and business use.

The corporate outlined the LLMs capabilities, in addition to its availability in three completely different sizes:

Code Llama is a code-specialized model of Llama 2 that was created by additional coaching Llama 2 on its code-specific datasets, sampling extra knowledge from that very same dataset for longer. Primarily, Code Llama options enhanced coding capabilities, constructed on high of Llama 2. It may well generate code, and pure language about code, from each code and pure language prompts (e.g., “Write me a perform that outputs the fibonacci sequence.”) It can be used for code completion and debugging. It helps lots of the hottest languages getting used right now, together with Python, C++, Java, PHP, Typescript (Javascript), C#, and Bash (see our analysis paper for a full record).

We’re releasing three sizes of Code Llama with 7B, 13B, and 34B parameters respectively. Every of those fashions is educated with 500B tokens of code and code-related knowledge. The 7B and 13B base and instruct fashions have additionally been educated with fill-in-the-middle (FIM) functionality, permitting them to insert code into present code, that means they will help duties like code completion proper out of the field.

Programmers trying to get began with Code Llama can study extra right here.