July 12, 2024
AWS IPv4 Stockpile May Be Price .5 Billion
AWS IPv4 Stockpile May Be Price .5 Billion

AWS has been amassing a stockpile of IPv4 addresses, a stockpile that would now be value a whopping $4.5 billion.

The web has been transitioning to IPv6 addresses, however many firms nonetheless depend on IPv4. Sadly, due to the restricted provide of accessible addresses, firms are sometimes hard-pressed to proceed utilizing them, prompting AWS to start charging for public IPv4 addresses, efficient February 1, 2024.

In keeping with Cisco Umbrella’s Andree Toonk, AWS has been rising its stockpile of IPv4 addresses at a big charge:

Three years in the past, I wrote a weblog titled “AWS and their Billions in IPv4 addresses “by which I estimated AWS owned about $2.5 billion value of IPv4 addresses. AWS has continued to develop extremely, and so has its IPv4 utilization. In truth, it’s grown a lot that it’s going to quickly begin to cost prospects for IPv4 addresses! Sufficient cause to examine in once more, three years later, to see what AWS’ IPv4 property seems like immediately.

Toonk says AWS now owns 127,972,688 IPv4 addresses, with every handle valued at roughly $35.

Based mostly on this information from ipv4.world, the typical value for an IPv4 handle is at the moment ~$35 {dollars}. With that estimate, we will decide the worth of AWS’s IPv4 property immediately to about 4.5 Billion {dollars}. A rise of two Billion in comparison with three years in the past!

AWS clearly has managed to carve out a worthwhile slice of the IPv4 market.